Miss Muggleson waits for a bus in the rain. More doodling with Manga Studio’s Milli Pen.

Miss Muggleson waits for a bus in the rain. More doodling with Manga Studio’s Milli Pen.

A fishy little guy I doodled yesterday, I love Manga Studio’s Milli Pen!

The waiting game. Todays #SHARKZ *birthday edition*

The waiting game. Todays #SHARKZ *birthday edition*

Anonymous said: Thanks for getting back I really appreciate it. I'll send you a pic soon as I have a tablet to scratch it out on, be it the Monoprice or it's pricey contemporary. N.

No problem! Looking forward to it! I’ll be reviewing the new Huion H1060 Pro + very soon, it’s not a screen tablet, just a normal one though. Exciting :) I guess I need to get some video reviews on the go really… ugh I hate being filmed haha!

Anonymous said: Hey there, I'm not too good at the internet so I'm not really sure how you would answer this but here goes, I read your review on the Monoprice 19 inch drawing tablet and was thinking of ordering one myself and I noticed that you mention some hidden costs and was wondering how much it cost you in the end door to door? Nice review by the way, N.

Hey! Thanks, hope the review helped! I think the price of the unit has gone up very slightly since I bought it in April, but only by about $10 or so… it cost me around £295.41 which included postage, nobody along the way mentioned the import charge that the UPS guy took on delivery which was an extra £67. Which was annoying, but all in all, it’s still a bargain. I think Huion’s GT190 (which is essentially the same screen and runs the same drivers) is a bit more expensive so I’d still say to get the Monoprice one.

Let me know if you go for it and I’d be interested in seeing what you create with it! Gimme a shout if you need to know anything else!




okay I think this covers the basics of the way I do my lineart, hopefully it’ll be helpful enough! if something’s unclear don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask about it.

enjoy and dON’T GIVE UP it might get really frustrating at times with all the control z-ing and re-drawing lines but the more you do it, the quicker it’ll get to get them right the first time around and the better you’ll become at it so yes, good luck friends.

Reblogging this because people keep asking about my lineart and how I achieve it, and well, here it is! This artist is doing EXACTLY what I normally do, and this technique really works

Great tutorial on digital line art and getting that wrist fast and accurate!

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Dog & Dave sort of save Christmas - animated gif showing my colouring in process. This is just the flat colours, no shading or highlights or effects yet. Seems to take me about 2-3 hours to colour a page. And it hurts my arm.
But fun fun fun! Just glad I’m finally getting to see my comic book in colour.
Once I’ve done all the flat colouring I’ll be adding the speech and do a clean up and move on to shade/highlights/effects.

Dog & Dave sort of save Christmas - animated gif showing my colouring in process. This is just the flat colours, no shading or highlights or effects yet. Seems to take me about 2-3 hours to colour a page. And it hurts my arm.

But fun fun fun! Just glad I’m finally getting to see my comic book in colour.

Once I’ve done all the flat colouring I’ll be adding the speech and do a clean up and move on to shade/highlights/effects.

Final Review: Monoprice 19” Interactive Pen Display - My final thoughts on the Wacom alternative.

I’ve been asked by a handful of people if I managed to sort out the issues I was experiencing with the Monoprice 19” Interactive Pen Display, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a final review now that I’ve been using it solidly for a couple of months.

If you want to skip the rest of my waffling, I can sum it all up very quickly for you: I did (thanks to the help of the awesome Christine at Huion) get it sorted, and it now works like a dream, and I completely recommend spending your (literally) pennies on it.


Here’s the more detailed answer…

When I bought the screen, it was a complete nightmare, and took A LOT of faffing around to get it anywhere near useable.

By now you’ve no doubt read about problems with the viewing angles, the pen/cursor having fits and splodging or drawing random straight lines and much much more if you’ve been anywhere near the customer review section of the product page on the Monoprice website.

After a lengthy back and forth with Monoprice’s support team - who I have to say were really nice to deal with - it did eventually become apparent they were out of their depth in supporting the product and could only go so far before writing the screen off as a dud and recommending I send it back. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money they must be losing by doing this, and it’s a shame they can’t support their products properly.

I had gone above and beyond in trying to figure out what was causing all the issues, and was absolutely determined that it couldn’t be a dud screen. I even went as far as taking the very drastic steps of doing a full operating system reinstall (twice! Argh!) and although it did help because it cleared off all previous tablet drivers I’d had installed that I otherwise couldn’t find as the pesky things were hiding in my system somewhere – unfortunately it didn’t resolve all my problems, and I was about ready to admit defeat and return the screen to Monoprice.

Google is definitely your friend when it comes to trying to figure out these types of things though, and I did a lot of trawling the web to see if anybody else was having the same issues, and how/if they sorted them out.

Some things worked, others didn’t, but I tried them ALL!

Eventually I decided to try the Huion GT190 driver - as it’s essentially the same product, and this very nearly solved all the issues. Hoorah! The screen was now what I would consider to be useable.

I decided to contact Huion directly to explain the remaining issues I was experiencing: No calibration, memory spiking causing the pen to wig out, and one or two other annoyances with how it worked.

Huion were totally on the ball and provided me with an updated driver within a day – amazing! Monoprice however, still haven’t cottoned on and are still to update the drivers on their site. They uploaded one new driver back in April, but it was just as bad as the one prior to that.

I had a few back and forths with Huion suggesting tweaks and what-not and they continued to bat back new drivers really quickly, eventually leaving me with a version that I believe is for an upcoming new version of the screen itself. This is now close to perfect.

I still can’t calibrate, but the default calibration is absolutely fine – and the only problems I’m having now are all down to my ageing laptop which struggles if I am running Photoshop, Illustrator, a music program and a browser all at once. Not all the time, but sometimes. And I’ve learnt that I definitely can’t be working on a file I have saved in my Dropbox where I store most things, it has to be saved locally otherwise it really struggles and I start to get a lot of pen lag. But that makes sense really.

I have an 8GB Win7 laptop, and for all intents and purposes, it’s getting on a bit. Only a couple of years old, but in computer terms that’s pretty much the start of the decline, and to be fair, I have put it through its paces and all the time I’m home, it’s on.

Something else I must touch on is that I switched from using the screen with a VGA connection, and bought a DVI to HDMI lead for the laptop. This made such a difference to the viewing angle issues and it’s now barely an issue at all for me.

You’re still going to get a bit of screen colour wash due to the quality of the screen itself, I mean, it’s not HD and the resolution isn’t huge, but angle wise, it’s now close to as good as the angles I get from my laptop screen, and for colour checking, I simply switch over to the lappy to check things if I need to. I don’t need to do this much though as I tend to pick my swatches out on my laptop screen before I start on a piece of work now and then don’t need to worry about it.

So… the question I’m being asked; “should I spend my hard earned cash on this screen?” – My answer is that if you want a decent budget screen to draw on and get the ball rolling on your digital art whilst saving up for something bigger and better in the future like say a <bleurgh>Wacom</bleurgh> (if that’s your bag) then definitely definitely definitely.

This screen is now genuinely a pleasure to use. It took a bit of work to get it to this stage, but it was worth it for sure.


Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t experience any issue at all from the get-go. If you’re not quite so lucky, I’d say persevere. Having to fiddle around to get it working properly could be considered a small price to pay for the small price you pay for the screen.

However, Monoprice take note: Customers shouldn’t have to persevere. The product should work out of the box, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t, you should be able to support the product to the point that it does work as it should.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, I’ve heard great things about the Huion H610Pro tablet, which is also a sexy bargain at somewhere around the £50-£60 mark, and almost all of the reviews I’ve read about it say that it beats Wacom Bamboo tablets (which I used to own and have now been rebranded as Intuos Pen & Touch) hands down, so it’s one I plan to buy myself. Some people even say it beats the “higher end” Wacom Intuos tablets.

In my opinion, something that beats the Bamboo is going to beat an Intuos just on its price alone. A tablet can only do so much and in the end it comes down to ergonomics and cosmetics, and for me, Huion are going to be the company I now look to for digital drawing tools – Wacom won’t even enter the picture now unless they drastically drop their prices because I can’t see what Wacom tabs have over these alternatives that can justify their cost. I personally have never used a Wacom screen (only tablets), so my opinion is solely based on what the internet has told me – maybe I’m completely wrong and they really are amazing. I guess I’ll never know until I get to play with one someday.

Note to Wacom: Feel free to prove me wrong and send me one to play with!

I guarantee a Wacom tab will be as prone to all the issues you could potentially experience from other brands tabs anyway, because at the end of the day, your computer set up plays a big part in how smooth everything runs anyway, as I have learnt. But as I said, I could be wrong.

Even though I’m never wrong of course. *ahem*

So yeah, buy the Monoprice 19” Interactive Pen Display (or it’s Huion equivalent, the GT190) Or, wait and see what the next version of it has to offer - I’m hearing that hot keys are going to be put onto the next version, if you like that kind of thing. Ooh buttons!

I’m hoping to be reviewing some other tablets in the near future, and will hopefully get some video reviews up for them.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll leave this thread open, and you can also get hold of me on Twitter @Drewvis_UK

I use this screen with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Manga Studio 5. I’d like to just say that it works particularly splendiferously in MS5 which is my new favourite art program!

Thanks to:

Ray Frenden (@Frenden) for his advice and thorough reviews - you should follow this guy on Twitter and Tumblr.

Huion (@HuionTab)for the brilliant and lightning fast support

Rick Rodriguez (@SurfaceProArtist) for joining me in the battle to get this screen working well and comparing notes! Check out his latest review here:

Message me if you have any questions, or ask below.

Here’s my previous 3 reviews which run through the issues I had initially:

Part 3:

Part 2:

Part 1:



Operation: Finish ‘Dog & Dave sort of save Christmas' is underway! Will it be finished in time for this Christmas? I have no idea, there's a ridiculous amount of colouring to be done, but I really hope so! Here's a sneaky peak at a panel from page 1!

Obey your father. Today&#8217;s #FathersDay edition #SHARKZ

Obey your father. Today’s #FathersDay edition #SHARKZ

Luck pushing and the consequences. Today&#8217;s #SHARKZ

Luck pushing and the consequences. Today’s #SHARKZ

A slip of the fin - today&#8217;s #SHARKZ

A slip of the fin - today’s #SHARKZ

le-shut-the-fuck-up said: Im thinking about getting the Monoprice 19-inch Interactive Pen Display. Did the problems ever clear up or should i just save my money?

Hiya - yes all sorted now, in the end I went to Huion for help (their GT190 screen is the same as the Monoprice and they make the drivers) and they were brilliant and fast and sent over several drivers, and made tweaks to them when things weren’t working.

Now that the driver issues are sorted I’m loving using the screen and if you have a DVI port rather than VGA it works even better and I found that even the viewing angle problems became much less of an issue too.

I’d definitely recommend buying this screen now, it’s a great tool to have, and means you have a screen to draw on whilst saving up for one of the Wacom big boys, if you still want one! Personally, I’m not that bothered any more and all the time Wacom are charging extortionate prices I’ll continue to buy alternatives.

If you get one and run into any problems, I’m happy to help! Give me a shout and I can go through all the things I know of to rectify them - I also have all the Huion drivers too :)

Just been testing out Manga Studio for the portrait photo drawing thingy type pics I usually do in Photoshop. 

I can say this - drawing in Manga Studio is far more satisfying and superior to Photoshop.

Here’s a really quick one I did of Kaley Cuoco with ref pic. I just need to learn which tools are best for the job now, this pic was fun to do and took half the time than it would have done in Photoshop to get it to a decent looking state as above.

There are so many amazing brushes to use in MS and you can easily achieve all kinds of brilliant effects and styles. I love painting and blending.

I really love MS5!

#SHARKZ - Touchy feely

#SHARKZ - Touchy feely